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Pocket Forecast is a weather application that supports mutliple locations, multiple languages, QVGA AND VGA display, cached AND user defined updates, customized theme, AND is open source written in Basic4PPC.

Pocket Forecast

  • Multiple locations (supports up to ten locations)
  • Finger swipe to scroll through locations
  • Cached weather feeds for each location
  • Skinnable themes - background images, colors & fonts
  • Uses Yahoo/ RSS feed
  • Open source - written in B4PPC
  • Configurable interval for updating weather feed
  • Integrates with S2U (custom weather setting)
  • QVGA and VGA support
  • Multi-language support
  • Integrates with AppToDate
  • Integrates with Levenum's Today Screen plug-in
  • Pocket PC and PC versions

  • Rewrite in VB.NET
  • Create Yahoo API wrapper (can be used in others program)
  • Custom UI - create your own UI

Other developers welcome to join!

  • Themes and other information at
  • XDA-Developers discussion at
  • Also available at

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